Sofirn SP40 flashlight from Banggood
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What do we get in the box? The flashlight has a built-in charger (supplied through the micro-USB port, cable is included) for 18650 or 18350 cells – for the smaller ones there is a shorter battery tube, a clip, two O-rings and of course a headband. And paper instruction.
All elements are very well made – this headlamp does not stand out from more expensive competition.
With the 18650 battery Sofirn SP40 produce quite wide light beam (the Cree XP-L diode is on board), we have three modes of continuous lighting: low, mid, high and turbo (to activate it by double-clicking). There is a memory function of the last used mode (except turbo), there is also reverse polarity protection and ATR (Advanced Temperature Regulation) thermal protection. ATR will operate when the controller temperature reaches / exceeds 55C – the flashlight will switch to a lower lighting mode.
In the manual I found that flashlight without a battery can also light beams. Well, I’ve checked – thats the true. Unscrewed the cap, unscrewed the tube. The head has a micro-USB port on the back – I connected it with a power bank thru cable. When both devices are connected, the green diode lights up briefly (located together with the switch) – I click and the unscrewed flashlight is lit – it lights in mid mode and only that way.
When else do we see the glowing diode in the switch? When working in any mode – the green color “blinks” for five seconds – it means that we have more than 30% energy in the cell, it lights red – it is below 30%, flashes red – it is necessary to replace / charge the cell as soon as possible. It also flashes red when the main flashlight LED is in mid mode and is drawing power from the power bank.
Flashlight length – 108mm, head diameter – 25mm, weight – 63g (without battery).
Is it worth to spend some money for Sofirn SP40? A bit bigger and weighs a little more than the very popular Skillhunt H03 head torch. BUT it is noticeably cheaper, it has a built-in charger, thanks to which we will use a power bank as a power source. The build quality is also a plus.

low mode
mid mode
high mode