Convoy M3 4200K from Banggood
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Some time ago Convoy refreshed all M series flashlights and the M3 briefly presented here is an example of this. Made of aluminum alloy M3, like the new L6, is equipped with a XHP 70.2, which draws current from one 26650 (L6 – two) or 18650 cell (need to use two O-Rings adapters).
What is important and should be taken seriously – the manufacturer recommends cells that provide continuous power consumption of at least 11A!
The upper part of the flashlight is a glass with AR (anti-reflective) coatings, the OP reflector (Orange Peel) – with the option to replace / buy the SMO reflector (Smooth Reflector) ) and the previously mentioned Cree XHP70.2 diode.
Below is the switch (called “under the thumb”). This location has its pros and cons, which I will not describe – the slightly protruding button is almost certainty of accidentally turning on the flashlight when it is in your pocket or backpack.
My M3, according to PN-EN 12464-1, has so-called neutral light color (4200K), which of course is not the only option on offer – you can choose 3000K, 5000K and 6500K. There are four lighting modes: 1%, 10%, 40% and 100%. Holding the switch for a long time (with the flashlight off) will activate 1% mode, then another up to 100%.
At the highest mode I managed to achieve a time of 1min 17s using a fully charged battery 26650 and at an ambient temperature of 26C. In the case when the flashlight begins to overheat, the thermal protection will operate and from 100% it will automatically switch to 40% or 10%. What’s interesting – the whole flashlight gets warm rather than just the upper part (head).
There is also on board protection against excessive voltage discharge (low voltage warning) and reverse polarity protection.
M3 weighs (without battery) 290g, dimensions: 48.1mm / 35.6mm / 38.1mm (head / body / tail), thickness reaches 4.4mm, total length 149mm.
And what conclusions do I have? A well-made flashlight powered with XHP 70.2 diode, well priced.

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